Be with people who inspire you.

Go to places that fill you with awe.

Challenge yourself to take the next race or adventure or mountain or even a step!

Whatever you are daring or willing yourself towards.

Be an adventurer... Be alive. Be brave.
Be a more fulfilled version of yourself.


WHETHER YOUNG, OLD, BIG, SMALL... people all over the world want adventure.
An adventure is a transformative right of passage.

It’s not about winning or losing.
It’s not about looking a certain way.

How we define it may be different, but it’s what’s inside that’s the same.

At True Fleece, we believe that the spirit of adventure is within us all.



A desire to be in nature... the best adventure playground.

We believe that when you wear clothing that’s in harmony with nature,

You can enhance your body’s performance,
You can be kind, be humble... but still give it everything!

Our natural performance apparel is made with this in mind.

From New Zealand, made to last and feel great.

Made to be worn anywhere.

Made to help real people have real adventures,

True Fleece...Adventurers by Nature.


Take less. Do more.


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